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.。+゚❤ Baby Promise Me Our Love Is Forever ❤゚+。.

Friends Only!

Comment to be added!

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Please to be adding me XD
Yay~! Thank you for adding my new journal, Sami! (≧∇≦)♥
re-add me, doll :3
Re-added! ♥ Thanks Charmmy.

Deleted comment

Of course! I've added you back, Gemma. See you later this year~! ♡(*´∀`*)
kana add me too bebe♥
Re-added! Thank you, Haylee! ♥
Add me?? =)
You've been re-added, Juni! Thank you! ♥(´ω`*)
OH! I don't automatically get added?! WHATS THIS?! I AM MAD HAM YOU BEETCH!
WHAT IS THIS TOMFOOLERY!? 凸( ̄皿 ̄) *adds* ♥♥♥
re-add me too please~!! ❤
I've re-added you, Casey! Thank you!

Deleted comment

Re-add me pleasessss.
Re-added! Thank you, Emelina!
May I please be re-added? I love your journal~
Thank you, Lizzie! I love reading your journal too! ♥
i want you on my list girl ;-; <3
Awww thank you, Ramsay! I'm glad we're friends! ♥♥♥
I just added you <3!
It's so nice to meet you! My name is Victoria~♥ Thank you for the add!
I re-added you, Ginny! Thank you~!!! ♥

Deleted comment

Re-added! Thank you, Nikki!
heyyyyyy kyute kaayo (flo) here =]
Hello Flo! Nice to meet you~♥
Added you! ^_^
Added you back, Maki! ♥
Hey, I would like to read your journal because of the same interests. :3
Thank you for the add!
add me please!! :D
btw, long time no talk! hope you're doing well :)


7 years ago

can i be added please^^?
Added~! ♥
I would love to be added please!
Saw you from charmmy's lj. Friends?
i'm Maarja, but you can call me Ayumu.
i'm a japan & lovely+cute things' lover as well, so add me? ~.~
hey, i haven't been on in a while, but i was wondering how you were doing :)

can i be re-added? how are you!
Will you add me please? :3 I`m looking for more dir fans! I hope you find your shirt!